Versatile and adaptable, the breeders claim that the Blackface can fulfil the requirements of almost any grazing system practised in the UK.

On the mountain and hill grazings which are her native home, the Blackface ewe, utilising the natural vegetation with the minimum of supplementation produces and rears a lamb under the most rigorous of conditions.

Moving to better ground they display fully their milking ability and prolificacy. With competent management, lambing percentages of 150%-180% can be achieved consistently, while higher percentages are common on better grazing. The Blackface is at the apex of the pyramid of UK sheep production, the reservoir of females from hills being the foundation from which much of the high production females on better ground are bred.

Kind and easy to handle at lambing time, the Blackface comes from the clean and healthy environment of the extensive sheepwalks of the Highlands and Islands.