The North Country Cheviot is a big, long, rugged white sheep combining thriftiness and healthiness with prolificacy and strong maternal qualities. A large proportion of the ewes are bred pure; a significant number are sold to more clement farms as ewe lambs or draft ewes where they are crossed with a wide range of terminal sires leaving superior prime lambs.
With "Northies" there are no unwanted progeny, all classes of lamb meet with positive demand for varying reasons. The wether gives a prime lamb of highest quality as does the ewe lamb if not used for breeding.

North Country Cheviots are reliable and in a changing sheep world where quality counts, producers will find that this is something to be sought after.

The Hill Cheviot is a smaller, hardier version of the North Country Cheviot and is reared on the hills and moors of North West Scotland.  The harshness of the environment in which they are reared results in an extremely healthy, hardy breed. Like other hill sheep, those Hill Cheviots when they are moved onto low ground farms will produce top quality lambs with lambing percentages of 170-180% with little or no supplementary feeding required.